Backwell is an innovative new company that has successfully developed the Active Balance Solution, engineered to replace static sitting (the cause of numerous back problems) with real active sitting that moves the user’s pelvis.

Backwell intends to supply the chair industry with creative solutions that bring motion into sitting.

Backwell was founded in 2007 by Meir Reingewirtz and Ron Cohen

The inventor, Meir Reingewirtz, is a physicist with more than 20 years of Research & Development experience, particularly in medical physics projects.

Mr. Reingewirtz developed detectors for elementary particles and improved the performance of electron detectors for leading companies at El-Mul Technologies.

He developed a Continuous Glucose Sensor for Elan Medical Technologies, based on a novel sensing technology that has brought two patents in the field.

He developed an Intra Ocular Telephoto Lens for Scientific Innovations. This lens has been implanted in the eyes of people suffering from Age Related Macular Degeneration, and enables them to regain sharp vision.

Mr. Reingewirtz holds a B. Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science, from Tel-Aviv University, and M. Sc. in Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, from Tel-Aviv University, with high distinction.

Mr. Reingewirtz is responsible for the R&D aspects of the product as well as defining Backwell road map.

Ron Cohen joined Backwell to handle its business aspects.

Prior to Backwell, Mr. Cohen co-founded Comsys, a start-up company in the business of wireless communication, in 1995, and served as President & CTO. He led the company from its first steps, building the business up to a profitable company employing over 60 people.

Comsys has distributed over $30M to its shareholders and was recently sold to Intel.

Prior to founding Comsys, he managed the modem group at National Semiconductor Corporation, was involved in the architecture design of NSC’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) core and represented the company in the ITU-T.

Mr. Cohen earned a B.Sc. with honors in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and holds twelve patents