Back in Motion

Backwell offers a break through solution that dynamically helps alleviate back stress, and with it the pain associated with prolonged static sitting. The patented Backwell  technology realizes what ergonomists and chair manufacturers have aspired for a long time – “Putting motion into sitting” 

Active Balance Solution

The Backwell Active Balance Solution is a chair with a built in mechanism that automatically initiates a gentle, un-intrusive motion that simulates walking. This motion will start every half hour, for a period of five minutes (adjustable). The mechanism is very sturdy and energy efficient and can keep running on rechargeable batteries throughout the day. 
The Active Chair applies the basic physiological principle that allows us to walk and read street signs at the same time; even though the pelvis is in motion, the upper body is stabilized. The result is healthy movement to the spine without any interruption to the ongoing work/task. 


Backwell in action

Productivity benefits:

  • Enhanced concentration and productivity in office
  • No interruption to regular work
  • Works automatically and regularly
    You can’t forget, it remembers it for you
  • Actually improves alertness
  • May reduce loss of work days due to back related pains

Physical Benefits:

  • The spinal column is activated while sitting and carrying out office tasks
  • Stimulation of the discs, vertebrae, muscles and blood circulation leads to improved vitality
  • Gentle natural movement eliminates damage to your back caused by prolonged sitting